We take care of your product through accurate and refined logistics
For the Intermari team, passion is both a calling and a source of professional fulfillment
Intermari is a logistics solution boutique with a narrow focus on alcohol and tobacco products
Our work — worldwide freight forwarder, spanning sea, sky, and land. From any corner of the globe, we handle transportation concerns of any quantity with utmost care
Bottled production
Sustainability vision
Bulk Production
FCL container transportation, Insulation, LCL container transportation, FTL/LTL road transportation, Warehouse labelling, Cargo insurance, UK Movement Guarantee
We choose partners aligned with principles of fair trade, strong work ethic, and environmental stewardship
ISO tank containers, Flexi-tank
Logistics solutions for the transportation of alcohol, tobacco, and primary production goods, ensuring seamless and reliable delivery services
More than
freight forwarder
We’re deeply ingrained in the wine & spirits industry, boasting firsthand expertise in your product
Promptly responding to your offer requests, we deliver tailored solutions rooted in extensive professional experience
24/7 Sales and Customer support
Gain peace of mind with our personalized customer accounts featuring online shipment tracking for real-time visibility
Our extensive global network of reliable partners and expanded agents ensures seamless operations worldwide
Why do you think you would enjoy working with us
Unlock the potential for shipment data analysis, empowering informed decision-making and optimizing logistics strategies
We utilize digital apps optimized for efficiency, enhancing our workflow and performance what most efficient for you
We are the driving force behind global trade, pioneering innovative logistics solutions that move industry forward
Adhering global logistics standards
Workflow efficiency is at the forefront of our mission, achieved through the narrow specialization
Our team comprises individuals with extensive experience in leading global logistics companies, embodying a work ethic that serves as our guiding light
Our laser focus on alcohol and tobacco transportation sets us apart as true experts within our market segment. This specialization enables us to deliver unparalleled service and solutions tailored specifically to the unique challenges of this industry
We deeply comprehend the value and sensitivity of your product. With years of industry experience under our belt, we’ve honed the delicate art of handling it with utmost care and affection
your product
The Intermari culture: what motivates us
After 3 years in a business we have gained attention and recognition from market leaders
Our clients
With a combined 25 years in the dynamic realm of global alcohol and tobacco logistics, we’ve cultivated a deep expertise and passion for our craft. Collaborating with industry leaders is not just a privilege, but a cornerstone of our professional journey. Every day presents new challenges that we eagerly tackle, drawing from our vast network, experiences, and problem-solving prowess. It’s not just a job; it’s a chance to innovate, connect, and make meaningful contributions to a field we love
Evgeniy Nikitin
and Aleksander Nogovitsin,
Our values
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For partners and future colleagues
Intermari Logistics Europe
Latvia, Riga
Intermari Logistics Central Asia
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Evgeniy Nikitin
Aleksander Nogovitsin
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